Windows 7 Administrator Account

Windows 7 is released and most of the organizations are migrating to windows 7 to experience the latest features.

As i was deploying windows 7 , i came across a interesting behavior which i would like to blog, when you install Windows 7 using a CD / ISO build, by default both

the Administrator and Guest account is disabled which is a better way for not having a blank password and user can later activate administrator account either by

going to the properties of the account and activate the account or use Net user “user name” /active .


But if you observe carefully , the user who you logs in for the first time ( not administrator ) is the part of administrator group.

Another observation is that if you “run as administrator” it wont prompt you for administrator privileges  and still execute the command

eg: cmd –> ipconfig /registerdns ( it would prompt you for elevated privileges ) but wont prompt you for administrator password.


I would see that this user is equivalent to have administrator rights.


SQL Server 2005 Installation On Windows Server 2008

This might be generic post, but thought of bringing to attention.

If you have installed SQL server 2005 on Windows server 2008 server ( 32bit or 64bit ) , you would be surprised to see that SQL management console is missing and some of other options which were a part of windows 2003 are missing.

The next thing you have to do is to re-run the setup.exe and launch the tools which will install the missing components

And one of the prerequisite is to install the sp2 for SQL server 2005

Windows 2008 / Windows 7 Activation Error

Activating windows 2008 server.

Scenario: You download a Windows server 2008 ISO from Microsoft Technet and try activating Windows Server 2008 online, you receive an error message.

You checked that the server is connected to internet and you are able to browse the internet websites, but still you are unable to activate windows 2008 server.

Error :



Go to the below location


Click on change product key and enter the Valid key again , then windows gets activated automatically.