Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Schema Version

Windows Server 2012 Active directory schema version is = 52

How to find the Schema Version:

I follow 2 ways of identifying

a) Registry : Administrators can navigate to regedit and find the Active Directory Schema version number as described in the below








b) ADSI Edit: Another way to view the Schema version is using ADSI Edit.

Step1 : Open ADSI Edit

Step2 : Connect to Schema as shown below






Step3: Right click the Distinguish Name > Properties . The schema version can be located at “Object Version” attribute as shown below







There are other ways to display the AD Schema version ( DSQuery / Powershell ) , but i have used the easy ways 🙂


Creating User Account – Windows Server 2012

This document illustrate differnet methods involved to create an Active directory User account in Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller.

Please find the link below

Creating AD User Windows Server 2012


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