Blue Screen – ACPI.sys

Installing windows server 2008 R2 on AMD chip set has compatibility issues which is resulting in Blue Screen Of Death with different drivers, and i have seen ACPI.sys file causing exception everytime the server gets restarted.

Resolution :

Replaced AMD chipset with Intel and issue got resolved.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   



SQL Server 2005 Installation On Windows Server 2008

This might be generic post, but thought of bringing to attention.

If you have installed SQL server 2005 on Windows server 2008 server ( 32bit or 64bit ) , you would be surprised to see that SQL management console is missing and some of other options which were a part of windows 2003 are missing.

The next thing you have to do is to re-run the setup.exe and launch the tools which will install the missing components

And one of the prerequisite is to install the sp2 for SQL server 2005

Windows 2008 / Windows 7 Activation Error

Activating windows 2008 server.

Scenario: You download a Windows server 2008 ISO from Microsoft Technet and try activating Windows Server 2008 online, you receive an error message.

You checked that the server is connected to internet and you are able to browse the internet websites, but still you are unable to activate windows 2008 server.

Error :



Go to the below location


Click on change product key and enter the Valid key again , then windows gets activated automatically.

Windows Server 2008 R2 Kernel Changes

It was my first public speaking engagement in Singapore SWUG. I had an opportunity to talk about the kernel changes made to the windows 208 R2 . I understand that many IT managers / CEO’s are pretty upset about the windows 2008 R2 and its requirements, but honestly speaking its the best ! . You feel happy only when you understand the engineering done on windows 208 R2 is just AWESOME !.
In my speach i had covered the following
a) Locks : What is a lock with respect to operating system , different types of locks
    — Passive global lock : All user mode locks falls into this category
    — Push Locks : Kernel mode locsk falls into this category such as Mutex, Semaphore
    — Spin Lock : Architecture of spin lock and the disadvantage of it until windows 2008
    — Explained about the CPU locking entire session and not releasing the object
    — Explained how it is overcomed in windows 2008 R2
b) PFN : Page Frame Number
    –Explained what is Virtual memory
    –PFN usage
    –PFN problem : Memroy manager locks entire PFN while working on a particular working set.
    –PFN Lock Removed : only the required pages will be locked by Memory manager.
c) NUMA: Non Uniform Memory Access
   –Explained about NUMA architecture
   –How does CPU scheduler will make use of NUMA
   –Applications which can use NUMA
d) UMS : User mode scheduling
  –Explained what are fibers
  –Explained the problem with the fibers when they spawn user mode and kernel mode and theh problem of returning back to fiber from kernel
  –Explained about UMS
  –Advantage of UMS : now that kernel can keep track of return address / return fiber
Please find the below slides which were used during the presentation.

Telnet Client Windows Server 2008 R2

In earlier operating systems Telnet client was installed and we were using telnet to check the application ports status
eg: telent localhost 80
The above command use to give us an idea whether the application on local host or on remote was opened for communication .
But in windows server 2008 R2 you cannot have the straight answer for telnet. All that you need to do is to install the Telnet client in order to query application port status on local host. I personally use telnet for many occasions which is fastest way to query for any port.
Steps To Install Telnet Client
Though the help options have not been changed