Active Directory Replication Issue

Active directory replication is one of the critical component of Active directory management. Group Policies synchronization heavily relies on the Domain Controllers replication.


Where clients starts reporting about the failed shares , failed printer mappings, GPO administrators might see the below error when they navigate to the GPO under GPMC.

An error has occurred while collecting data for Printers.

The following errors were encountered:
An unknown error occurred while data was gathered for this extension. Details: Could not find a part of the path ‘<domain>\sysvol\<domain>\Policies\<GUID>\User\Preferences\Printers\Printers.xml’.


The above error occurs due to the Domain Controller replication issues. The first troubleshooting step would be to validate the infrastructure and ensure there are no Replication issues.

For more information, you can follow the MOF for Active Directory to perform the Active directory monitoring and maintainence activities . I have reviewed and Authored the MOF which can be found below,


Windows Server 2012 Hyper-v Cool Features / Capabilities

Last week Microsoft released Windows Server 2012 RC. Microsoft has engineered some of the cool features / capabilities of Hyper-v includes

  • Ability to configure 320 Logical Processors per Hyper-v Host
  • Support upto 4 TB Memory per Hyper-v Host
  • Support upto 64 virtual CPU per Virtual Machine
  • Support upto 1 TB of Memory per Virtual Machine
  • Support upto 64 TB per Virtual disk
  • Support upto 255 Virtual disks per Virtual Machine which supports 16320 TB ( 15.93 Peta Bytes ) per Virtual Machine
  • Support upto 64 nodes per Cluster
  • Support upto 4000 Virtual Machines in a Cluster.