Windows 8.1 Audit Policy – Audit Account Logon Events

I had published  another interesting article in TechNet about Audit account logons events with examples.
This article will describe about Audit Account Logon Events in Windows 8.1 and procedure to analyze event logs for Logon events.
Applies to: Windows 8.1


The following article is applicable to Windows 8.1 PC configured in Workgroup mode. The procedure would change when Windows 8.1 is configured in Active Directory Domain.

Article Link:


Manage User Accounts With Advance User Accounts Control Panel [Netplwiz]

I have published a two part article on Managing User accounts using Advance User accounts control panel on Windows 8.1. This article would give pictorial representation of the examples for managing User accounts. The example demonstrated is on Windows 8.1 configured in Workgroup mode.