SCVMM Administrator Console Authentication


You install and configure System Central Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 on Windows Server 2008 R2, which is part of active directory domain. Administrator will not be able to logon to SCVMM administrator console if the server moves to different sub network which cannot authenticate to Active directory domain.

 The below article explains the authentication model and the issues encountered in different scenarios. Please find the TechNet Link below


Why Not Standard Edition For Hyper-v

 When choosing operating system for Hyper-v installation , I would prefer you to choose either Windows Server 2008 x64 bit Enterprise Edition or Datacenter Edition and skip the Standard Edition because Standard Edition would not provide Failover Clustering support which is require for Quick Migration.

And you might ask , why did Microsoft provided Hyper-v with standard edition ?

Answer to the question would be based on the infrastructure currently you are running, if your organization is SME and doest require you to manage 1000’s of vm’s , then why would you opt for Enterprise / Datacenter edition ? . If you are keen about providing failover clustering then my choice would be EE or DE respectively.

Monitoring Hardware RAID

Question: One of the interesting question that engineers has is “How To Monitor Hardware RAID”  ?

Answer: There is no WMI / any other API’s to monitor hardware RAID disk performance or activity, the reason is that hardware RAID is independent to manufacturer or hardware vendor and should rely on the tools provided by the vendor.

Some tools are

  • HP Insight Manager
  • DELL Open Manager
  • SCOM ( certain level )

Hardware RAID Support For Hyper-V

Hyper-V And Hardware RAID.


No organization would install Hyper-v for test / lab , and would certainly opt for production. When setting up in Enterprise / SME environments, you would group the dissimilar arrays of drives / similar array of drives and form RAID.

Interestingly Hardware RAID and Hyper-v can co-exists , I have seen customers posting these questions in forum regarding usage of hardware RAID and co-existence with Hyper-v . Some customers were not able to install and some customers were able to.

Whether administrators should go with software RAID or Hardware RAID depends on their requirements, for Enterprise I would prefer hardware RAID.