Windows 7 Administrator Account

Windows 7 is released and most of the organizations are migrating to windows 7 to experience the latest features.

As i was deploying windows 7 , i came across a interesting behavior which i would like to blog, when you install Windows 7 using a CD / ISO build, by default both

the Administrator and Guest account is disabled which is a better way for not having a blank password and user can later activate administrator account either by

going to the properties of the account and activate the account or use Net user “user name” /active .


But if you observe carefully , the user who you logs in for the first time ( not administrator ) is the part of administrator group.

Another observation is that if you “run as administrator” it wont prompt you for administrator privileges  and still execute the command

eg: cmd –> ipconfig /registerdns ( it would prompt you for elevated privileges ) but wont prompt you for administrator password.


I would see that this user is equivalent to have administrator rights.


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