Deployed RunBook Not Running – SCORCH

The infrastructure setup is as follows

Virtual Machine 1 = Active Directory, SCCM, DNS , SQL Database runinng on single Virtual machine

Virtual Machine 2 = All the Orchestrator  components ( SP1 )  including Management Server, Runbook Server, Runbook Designer and Deployment Manager are installed on virtual machine.


Symptoms : When executing the Runbooks using Runbook Designer utility, often the Rubooks takes 5 -10 minutes to error out and does not execute the Runbook. The error message in the event log would be

Summary: “Deployed RunBook is Not Running ”

Description: The Runbook request 35 (Runbook ‘aa1’, target Runbook Servers: not specified) is created, but is not running.Verify the status of the Runbook Servers

assigned to run this Runbook. If the problem persists, Contact Technical Support


Cause: Microsoft System Center Orchestrator Services enter to stop state running on Virtual machine, which prevents runbooks to be executed and display above error message.


Resolution: After login to the Microsoft System Center Orchestrator installed on virtual machine, go to Services.msc  and Rstart / Start the following services

  • Orchestrator Management Service
  • Orchestrator Remoting Service
  • Orchestrator Run Program Service
  • Orchestrator Runbook Server Monitor Service
  • Orchestrator Runbook Service




System Center Orchestrator Security -Identity Management

The following post describes the Security design involved in System Center Orchestrator 2012 with scenarios and examples.

The Server Threw an Exception – Runbook Designer

Users experience the following error “The Server Threw an Exception”  when they open the Runbook Designer. The root cause of the issue is the Database connectivity. When the Runbook Designer opens, it search for the SQL Server connection and if there is a discrepency to reach the SQL Server, the UI throws the following error message.

Resolution is to check if user is able to Login to SQL Server successfully also the connectivity between the Runbook Designer server and the SQL Server. Also Runbook administrator can try connect to other Runbook servers if configured to ensure the connectivity issues.