Restructuring DNS Infrastructure

Solution Description:

HYDRA DNS infrastructure has potential security issues which provide external entities to gain control over the infrastructure and access the application data or the servers. AVA performed critical analysis of HYDRA infrastructure and produced the report which requires infrastructure should be redesigned.

HYDRA organization hosts their infrastructure in New South Wales. There are 2 major sites connected with high speed networks, the infrastructure is hosted on Microsoft infrastructure servers. The Headquarters is in Sydney followed by Secondary site in Melbourne.

HYDRA existing Microsoft infrastructure is operational on Windows Server 2008 R2 with single Active Directory Forest and having multiple domain controllers configured across the physical sites. HYDRA existing environment has critical Security issues with respect to their Domain Naming System and require redesigning their Domain Naming System and ensure HYDRA security policies are met. HYDRA is engaging AVA, a Microsoft Premier Consulting firm to perform the DNS restructuring which involves placing the DNS servers in DMZ zone and route the internal DNZ server requests to DMZ DNS server instead of public ISP servers.


Detailed design can be found from the below link


Download Document:

Restructuring DNS Infrastructure



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