Windows Server 2012 Server Manager Overview

Prior to release of Server Manager in Windows Server 2008, Enterprise solution was to use different third party vendors which includes CA , HP utilities to manage servers and workstations from centralized location. Today’s release of Server Manager on Windows Server 2012 provides enhanced functionality to manage Servers from a centralized location. One of the key aspect of Server Operations is to monitor the event logs. Day- day the servers register thousands of different event logs, which provide vital information to Support Engineers or Operations Center to manage and monitor those events. Server Manager can be strictly considered for Mid-size organization for managing and monitor servers. One of the key task is to monitor the events and find the root cause of the issue based on the DLL or EXE which registers the event.
Server Manager can provide satisfying information for administrators to troubleshoot the errors or collect the event logs based on the Microsoft Product / applications and provide the information to Microsoft in the event of troubleshooting high Severity issues.

Please click the link below for further reading.

Windows Server 2012 Server Manager


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