IE 10 Performance Degrade

When I tried browsing webpages on my Server, the response time was incredibly high, pages were loading with the delay of 15 seconds and  I started to troubleshoot the issue to get rid of the annoying delayed page load. Below is my setup in my lab

  • Windows Server 2012 running Hyper-v
  • Window Server 2012 complete patched with latest updates
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Wireless Broadband 4G connection

Few of the troubleshooting which involved eliminating

  • Disable all IE add on’s and browse the webpages – no luck
  • Disabled smart screen filtering – no luck
  • Added websites under trusted sites with compatibility view set to default
  • Open all the webpages under compatibility mode – no luck

I even download google chrome to validate the delay between 2 browsers and found that IE and Chrome exhibits the delay behavior. This test ensure that the issue is not with browser, rather the issue lies with Networking component of Windows Operating System. I did reload the network stack but no luck , I still see the delay while browsing the web pages on Windows Server 2012.

The next troubleshooting was to target the Networking component and under Network connections, the first thing to eliminate was the Virtual Ethernet which I had created for my Hyper-v guests. I disabled the virtual Ethernet for testing and the problem got resolved! . The virtual Ethernet adapter was causing the delay and further troubleshooting reveled that there was 10- 15 sec packet delay between HTTP GET and POST calls, but from the Wireshark trace I was not able to detect the IP address inclusion.



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