Deployed RunBook Not Running – SCORCH

The infrastructure setup is as follows

Virtual Machine 1 = Active Directory, SCCM, DNS , SQL Database runinng on single Virtual machine

Virtual Machine 2 = All the Orchestrator  components ( SP1 )  including Management Server, Runbook Server, Runbook Designer and Deployment Manager are installed on virtual machine.


Symptoms : When executing the Runbooks using Runbook Designer utility, often the Rubooks takes 5 -10 minutes to error out and does not execute the Runbook. The error message in the event log would be

Summary: “Deployed RunBook is Not Running ”

Description: The Runbook request 35 (Runbook ‘aa1’, target Runbook Servers: not specified) is created, but is not running.Verify the status of the Runbook Servers

assigned to run this Runbook. If the problem persists, Contact Technical Support


Cause: Microsoft System Center Orchestrator Services enter to stop state running on Virtual machine, which prevents runbooks to be executed and display above error message.


Resolution: After login to the Microsoft System Center Orchestrator installed on virtual machine, go to Services.msc  and Rstart / Start the following services

  • Orchestrator Management Service
  • Orchestrator Remoting Service
  • Orchestrator Run Program Service
  • Orchestrator Runbook Server Monitor Service
  • Orchestrator Runbook Service




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