Forest and Domain Functional Level

Objective:This tool will query the Forest functional level and Domain functional level

Class /Methods Used : I have used GetCurrentForest and Getcurrentdomain Methods

Program Description: Programmers has to define the directory context for Forest and Domain, later call the Forestmode properties and assign them to the variables

Tool Description: This tool does the similar job of “Active directory Domain and Trust –> Properties –> General “ Domain and Forest functional level. The tool runs with the current user context, so it is strictly advised to execute the script with appropriate rights to pull the Domain and Forest functional level information.

Limitation: This tool cannot provide the information about the Domain Functionality level of all the Domains in the forest , apart from the user logged on domain.

Use: Faster to use , eliminates the requirement to memorize the commands or open the ADUC snap-in and query.

Download: The tool can be downloaded from the below location. Rename the file to .exe once downloaded.



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