Adfind Retrieve User Information

Hi All,

Below script will retrieve user’s information from specific OU and export the data to .csv file. In order to run this script , you have to modify the DN matching to your domain
Eg: “ou=test,ou=users,ou=fin,dc=texx,dc=local

Working Script

C:\>adfind.exe -f “(&(&(|(&(ob
er=*)(mobile=*)(manager=*)(description=*))))” -b “ou=test,ou=users,ou=fin,d
c=texx,dc=local” -csv -nodn sn givenname middlename personaltitle title emp
loyeeID company department mail homepostaladdress st streetaddress postalcode te
lephonenumber mobile manager description>>c:\ldif\final.csv

You can modify the .csv file by importing into Microsoft excel.


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