Accessing Admin Shares – Windows Server 2008 / R2

Accessing Administrator Shares such as C$, IPC$ etc.. in windows server 2008 follows the same process as windows 2003 server operating system. When administrators or System engineers try to access admin shares eg: \\ip\c$ or \\FQDN\c$ or \\Netbios\c$ they will be presented with an error message “cannot access the share “ and would try to perform the following to access the admin shares.

  • Turn off UAC
  • Turn off Windows Firewall
  • Restart the windows server and workstation services
  • Check the service credentials
  • Try to access with different administrator credentials  

But unfortunately all the above method would still fail with the same /similar error message above.


The solution for accessing the administrator shares is to turn on the AutoShareServer registry key under  

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\lanmanserver\parameters\AutoShareServer – set to 1  

After you perform the above step, make sure you restart the server accordingly.



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