Error U1087: cannot have : and:: dependents for same target

You might receive the below error message when building the driver.

BUILD: Compile and Link for x86

BUILD: Start time: Wed Nov 24 13:57:41 2010

BUILD: Examining c:\sai-bt-data\windows\programing\driver dev\7600.16385.0\src\storage\ramdisk directory for files to compile.

 c:\sai-bt-data\windows\programing\driver dev\7600.16385.0\src\storage\ramdiInvalidating OACR warning log for ‘root:x86chk’

BUILD: Building generated files in c:\sai-bt-data\windows\programing\driver dev\

7600.16385.0\src\storage\ramdisk directory

Configuring OACR for ‘root:x86chk’ – <OACR on>


1>errors in directory c:\sai-bt-data\windows\programing\driver dev\7600.16385.0\


1>c:\winddk\7600.16385.0\bin\ : error U1087: cannot have : and

 :: dependents for same target

1>nmake.exe /nologo BUILDMSG=Stop. -i BUILD_PASS=PASS0 NOLINK=1 PASS0ONLY=1 MAKE

DIR_RELATIVE_TO_BASEDIR= failed – rc = 2

 BUILD: Compile errors: not linking c:\sai-bt-data\windows\programing\driver dev\

7600.16385.0\src\storage\ramdisk directory

BUILD: Finish time: Wed Nov 24 13:57:41 2010

BUILD: Done 

    0 files compiled – 2 Errors


Its simple!, you need to make sure that there is no space for folder name. From the above example, you can see that “c:\sai-bt-data\windows\programing\driver dev\” has the space. When you rename it “without space” and build ( either checked / free build ) , the compilation gets successful and executable would be built.


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