Active Directory Logical Structure – Part 1

Active Directory Logical Structure



Understanding Active directory is just like completing your PHD program. Well I would many administrators would still have the complexity understanding the hierarchy and the placement of the logical structure of AD. So I thought of writing down about the components involved in AD logical structure as we only manipulate the logical structure.








                                              Organization Units






 All the above components are implemented as containers.



There is a important concept which I would like to emphasize. AD – Service . AD stores the information in the form of an object and then make this object available to users with help of forest and domain structures.


Core Components Of AD – logical Structure.


The placement of data from the above diagram gives administrator a flexible authentication and authorization of the network devices. Architects should view this model from security perspective with which they can think what devices need to give which authentication .


But the above diagram doesn’t give you the physical implementation of the Logical structure.


Architects / System engineers only consider about the security and just security. So planning is a vital part of their job , when you drill down the AD / using the AD to its maximum potential you would realize how best you can control devices.


n       File sharing

n       Logon permissions

n       Creating different departments with appropriate permissions

n       Device restrictions

n       VPN access

n       PKI


One has to understand and implement the above concepts to understand the robustness of AD.




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